I have been noticing lately that I Google some pretty embarrassing things. I know I am not alone too. I just can't stand it, when I start typing into the Google search bar, and it tries to predict what I'm searching by bringing up past searches. Most of my embarrassing ones are searching for definitions or spelling of words I know a grown-ass man should know how to spell.

The career-building website Zippia crunched the numbers on Google search data from around the country, and they came up with some of the most embarrassing searches in every state.

According to Zippia

We searched hundreds of terms ranging from awkward medical questions, reality shows and unpopular movies, conspiracy theories, unfashionable clothing, and other mortifying queries.

The results were AWESOME!

Some of my favorites include:

Iowa . . . "How to get fired."

Indiana . . . "How is a baby made?"

Vermont . . . "Where is Canada?"

West Virginia . . . "Why is my poop green?"

But, one of the strangest results of the study comes from right here in Montana. Our most embarrassing Google search is simply "Nick Nolte." Yeah! Nick Nolte. Co-Star with Eddie Murphy on one of my all-time favorite "buddy cop" films "48 Hours." And the star of the movie "Blue Chips." Not to mention all of his other great roles in over 40 years of cinema.


My guess is it has something to do with his role in the hit Disney+ show "The Mandalorian."

Regardless of the reason why, Montana has some interesting search history on the web. Who knows what other kinds of crazy things we are looking up online?

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