Alright, maybe this is getting ridiculous. It seems like people can’t get enough of the Chad Kroeger vs. Corey Taylor beef. Even pop-rock band Smash Mouth and legendary wrestler the Iron Sheik have weighed in on the issue, both taking Taylor’s side in the dispute.

Here’s a quick rewind: Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger fired the first shot when he called Stone Sour “Nickelback Lite” and claimed the band was trying to be Nickelback. Kroeger also dismissed Slipknot as nothing more than a gimmick act. In return, Taylor went on the radio to say Kroeger has “a face like a foot” before advising him to “curl up in bed with your Hello Kitty pillow and shut up.”

If you think the drama has gone too far already, you’ve seriously underestimated the Internet. Smash Mouth were pulled into the mix, defending Slipknot and calling the masked nine “American icons”:

Iron Sheik didn’t disappoint either, calling all of Nickelback a "jabroni":

Corey Taylor seemed to appreciate the Iron Sheik’s input, screen capturing the tweet and sharing it on his Instagram account:

Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx even tweeted out a photo that Nickelback probably won’t be using for promotion anytime soon:

Do we have a feud for the ages on our hands? Or has it officially jumped the shark? Let us know what you think.

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