There are 13 - count 'em, 13 - puzzles to solve in the Bitterroot Public Library's "Nightmare on Main Street" in Hamilton. Annika of the library said the puzzles include everything from jumbles, crosswords, and trivia to drawing and even a Boggle challenge. The booklet lists the businesses involved on the first page. Rules are on the last page.

What is Nightmare on Main Street?

It's a family-oriented Halloween contest that is free to try, using a little pamphlet available at the Bitterroot Public Library on State Street, just a block off Main. The pamphlet has pages devoted to the 13 challenges that are posted on various business storefronts. For instance, the puzzle at the Chapter One Book Store window deals with "Riddles In The Dark," which is an important chapter from "The Hobbit." Another window has words listed that you need to find on a Word Search page in the pamphlet. There's even a drawing exercise that includes two pictures of houseflies.

How Long Will the Contest Run?

The Spooky Family Literary Walk is all in celebration of Halloween and the contest runs to the end of the month. Quite a few prizes are available, including admission to the ever-popular "Field of Scream" corn maze north of Hamilton.

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This is the first time for Nightmare on Main and library personnel hope that whole families or simply groups of people organize teams to solve the different types of challenges. All ages can be involved. Often, the store owners and clerks don't have any extra information, so your brainpower is the key - and the more brains involved...

When you've completed the "nightmare," bring the pamphlet back to the library. Some of the challenges will require you to do some reading, which is appropriate. After all, it's a library contest!

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