Last week, we told you that Food Truck Locator - Missoula, the Instagram account that keeps track of Missoula food trucks and their schedules around town, was engaging in a little competition. They had kicked off 2021 Food Truck Madness, a bracket-style competition where people would vote on who was truly the best food truck in all of Missoula.

Every day, Food Truck Locator would post the matchups to their Instagram story until one was crowned the victor... and over the weekend, we reached the final two. It came down to a competition between Mountain Berry Bowls and El Cazador Taco Truck, and it was a tight race there for a while... but El Caz won the whole thing, by a margin of just 50 votes!

It was a hard-fought battle, and kudos to Mountain Berry Bowls for making it as far as they did, but the people of Missoula have spoken. El Caz is now the king of the food trucks, until such time as another one of these Food Truck Madness competitions takes place and someone else challenges them for the crown.

Are you satisfied with this result? Or were you hoping another one of your favorites might take it? I was hoping to see places like Noodle Wagon, The Empanada Joint, or River City Eats make it a little further than they did - but hey, there's always next time.

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