Montana has become a pretty popular destination for celebrities over the past few years. Jeff Bridges owns a ranch out here, Nicolas Cage recently spent some time here to film a few movies, and Yellowstone is currently gearing up to return to Montana to film its upcoming fifth season.

And now you can add pop music superstar Camila Cabello to the ever-growing list of famous people spending some time in our state. The singer took to Instagram to post this image on Sunday night.

The post just says "love u" in the caption, but it's geo-tagged to show that it was taken in Montana. We just don't know exactly where in Montana... unless you're familiar with that specific porch and the woods surrounding it as seen in the picture.

Which makes sense - someone of Cabello's fame would probably have a pretty tough time blending in if it were known exactly where she was. Best to leave it as vague as possible so no one really knows for sure.

But, since we don't know exactly where in Montana Camila Cabello is at the moment, I think it's safe to just wildly speculate and say Missoula. And now that she's seen the natural beauty of the area in the winter, it's natural that she'll want to stop by during the summer when she's on tour, right?

I'm just saying, if this one Instagram post of Camila Cabello sitting on a chair leads to a concert in Missoula this summer, you heard it here first.

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