Sriracha is one of my top favorite hot sauces, mainly because it goes with everything.  Last night, while dousing a slice of pizza to the point there was more Sriracha than pizza sauce, my buddy told me to get it while I can, there might not be anymore for awhile.  My irrational mind took over and I considered making a midnight run to the grocery store, but in all honesty, I don't think we will be waiting too long.

It started when the city of Irwindale sued Huy Fong Foods (makers of Sriracha) for the fumes being emitted from the plant. The filter they were requested to put in would have cost the company over half of a million dollars.  Huy Fong Foods has still not altered the filtration system. Now they have been ordered to stop shipment until mid January.  The order claims the hold is to contain and manage "micro organisms"  but seeing how this is the first hold placed, with no complaints on the product, I'm guessing the city is still fuming over fumes.


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