I'm reading at fark.com and TMZ that there is an exotic dancer shortage plaguing the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

One strip club manager is covering the city with fliers promising "big money in a clean club", he says he currently has 50 dancers, but will need at least 70 more for Superbowl weekend.  Side note, if you are lucky enough to attend the superbowl AND get a lapdance in one weekend, you my friend, are an American Hero.

City officials say they expect to host 300,00o visitors, which puts the tourist-to-stripper ratio at 30:1.  I LOVE that a tourist-to-stripper ratio is even being considered!  Mad props to the Dallas-Fort Worth Area Tourism Council.

Of course this problem could be quickly resolved if the club managers could just hit the city bus stop nearest Charlie Sheen's home.