I understand how this can cause some upset in the family of this elderly woman, but let it be known if I ever make it to nursing home status... start sending in the strippers! It might just be due to the idea that this poor lady is fragile and shouldn't be in a sexual situation, but if you look at it from a different perspective, you can see some of the benefits:

Don't look at it as "Grandma's getting dry humped," think of it as this nice young man is helping increase Grandma's heart rate improving cardiovascular health.

Don't look at it as "that man is shaking his stuff in front of my grandma," Think of it as this half naked hero is helping Grandma fight depression through the release of DHEA. (Don't worry, DHEA is just a hormone)

If this didn't change your view on Grandma's in-(nursing)home-strip-tease, just ask yourself, what would I want if I was Grandma? Like I said before, bring on the strippers!

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