96.3 The Blaze Summer Prize Blow Out
Summer is winding down, but we aren't ready to throw in the (beach) towel just yet. Instead, we want to help you get the most out of what's left of the sunny weather.
We are giving Blaze Rock Mob members the chance to win passes to Silverwood, a whitewater rafting trip or a bike tune-up. That's all o…
Blaze vs. ZooFM “DJ Challenge” – Order Food as Bob Dylan [POLL]
The other day, as Aaron Traylor and I hosted the Demo Derby, we both thought how fun it would be to challenge each other to perform stupid stunts each week and leave it up to you to decide who did the best job. The winner receives HONOR and GLORY, as the loser lives with the SHAME of DEFEAT.
For this…
2012 Western Montana Fair Demolition Derby – Recap [VIDEO] [PHOTOS]
Nothing wraps up a hot fair week like a little metal on metal carnage. The smell of coolant and burning oil filled the air Sunday afternoon as the cars lined up for a battle to the death. The event was sponsored by the Townsquare Media family, and myself, as well as "Tallest DJ" Aaron Tray…

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