Al’s Turkey Brine Recipe
We recently received a request for a turkey brine recipe. With "turkey day" coming up, now is the time for you to put this simple procedure to work for your holiday meal. After talking with my old buddy Al, from 94.9 KYSS FM, he shared with me his secret recipe.
Leftover Turkey Fiesta – Mojo Turkey Tacos
Like you, I totally enjoy your typical leftover turkey and mayo sandwich. I thought these mile high dinner roll delights were the one and only way to savor all the remaining “other white meat.” Then I found this recipe for turkey tacos, and started making it a point to th…
Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes
Everyone loves turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving, but I get tired of the same old turkey sandwich every year. So, this year I’ve found a couple new sandwich ideas that take the old blah turkey sandwich and give it a little twist. I ca...
Spring Turkey Tips -Montana Outdoor Update
Getting ready to go chase after those ugly ass birds again this weekend. If you are not having any luck in successfully harvesting a turkey, Silent Draw Outdoors gives us some helpfull tips on Decoys and Decoy Placement in today' Update.
Spring Hunting Is Coming – Montana Outdoor Update
Time to get your gear out and make sure it is ready to go for some Spring hunting. I have to make it a point to shoot by bow a bunch this weekend, so I am sure I can still possibly hit something with it. Turkey season kicks off 4/14 and Spring Bear is 4/15...

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