Al's Turkey Brine Recipe
Allen K, formally of the Craig and Al morning show on 94.9 KYSS FM, he shared with us his secret recipe.
Leftover Turkey Fiesta – Mojo Turkey Tacos
Like you, I totally enjoy your typical leftover turkey and mayo sandwich. I thought these mile high dinner roll delights were the one and only way to savor all the remaining “other white meat.” Then I found this recipe for turkey tacos, and started making it a point to th…
Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes
Everyone loves turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving, but I get tired of the same old turkey sandwich every year. So, this year I’ve found a couple new sandwich ideas that take the old blah turkey sandwich and give it a little twist. I ca...
Spring Turkey Tips -Montana Outdoor Update
Getting ready to go chase after those ugly ass birds again this weekend. If you are not having any luck in successfully harvesting a turkey, Silent Draw Outdoors gives us some helpfull tips on Decoys and Decoy Placement in today' Update.
Spring Hunting Is Coming – Montana Outdoor Update
Time to get your gear out and make sure it is ready to go for some Spring hunting. I have to make it a point to shoot by bow a bunch this weekend, so I am sure I can still possibly hit something with it. Turkey season kicks off 4/14 and Spring Bear is 4/15...

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