Yesterday (Tuesday) I did my typical wake up and read the news on my phone horsecrap.  And I saw that the Missoula Food Bank would likely have to turn down around 600 families for Thanksgiving groceries this year.  That sucks, not good, can't happen.

So we immediately called upon you guys for help.  We asked you to donate turkeys during a 3 hour time frame on Tuesday.  And you know what?  You bad ass muther effers came through HUGE, just like we knew you would.

After our offer for Avenged Sevenfold tickets and backstage passes, the Missoula Food Bank ended up with not only enough turkeys to serve their clients, but enough to call back some families who had been turned away earlier this week, to offer them a turkey.  That's thanks to YOU Blazers!!  That's amazing and HUGE and I couldn't be more proud of our crew.

Many of you dropped of groceries outside of the time we told you and said you just wanted to help and didn't even want to be entered in the contest.  Many of you braved the shitty traffic and drove to both the Food Bank on 3rd and the Fairgrounds distribution center.  And our winners of the tickets and backstage passes said they weren't all that interested in the prize, they just wanted to help.  Chris and Michelle Burton decided together that they wanted to use half of what they currently had in the bank to help their friends and neighbors, they donated 25 turkeys to the Food Bank yesterday.  When I called to let them know they had won, Chris explained that it wasn't about the prize, it was about helping out Missoulians, because he said as a child, he had gone several times without Thanksgiving dinner, and he and his wife couldn't bear to let that happen to others.

We always say you all are our FAMILY, and you proved it once again.  Thank you, a million times thank you.  We genuinely hope you are with friends and family this Thanksgiving.  Eat, drink, relax, designate a driver and NO FIGHTING!!

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