I will never forget my first encounter with Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce. It was an unexpected trip to "flavor town."

It was 2014 and I had recently put up some used baby gear on Facebook Marketplace. Simple things like a highchair, some "tummy time toys", a swing, etc. I had a person reach out to me interested in snagging some of the gear for his newborn. We arranged to meet at my apartment. When the guy showed up, he had a cardboard box under his arm. We started negotiating the prices of the items I had, and he asked me "Do you like hot sauce?" I immediately looked at him like "DUH! What do you got?" That is when he opened the box and presented me with my first bottle of Haba Haba Dime Sauce. I sampled the sauce and I swear I could see colors brighter. It blew my mind. I immediately went back to negotiating how many bottles of the hot sauce he would be willing to trade... That was the night I met the owner of Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce.

Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce INC/Facebook
Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce INC/Facebook

Fast forward 8 years later, and Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce can be found in grocery stores and restaurants all over Montana and all over the nation. The small business has truly grown from a small "mom and pop" operation to a borderline full-blown commercial operation. All because of one guy's obsession with hot peppers and a willingness to carve out a successful business.

(Side note: Thank you Arthur for all the advice you gave me on starting my own small business here in Montana. It really means a lot.)

Now, this popular Montana hot sauce company is looking to pass the spicy torch to someone else. Someone who is not only a fan of hot sauce but is also a true Montanan.

Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce Inc/Facebook
Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce Inc/Facebook

According to the Arthur Wayne Announcement on Facebook

The business is profitable and I’m asking $250,000 for it. We’ve sold over $200k annually and if the right company bought us out they could really blow this up!
8 years of business in Montana and multiple states across the nation. it’s well worth more.

There is a catch!

The business will NOT be sold to out-of-state investors or companies. Arthur Wayne wants to guarantee that the 12 recipes that are for sale remain a MONTANA-MADE product consistent with the Montana-themed brands they have developed.

If you are interested or know an investor that may be interested in this opportunity, simply reach out to Arthur Wayne on Facebook or email arthur@arthurwaynehotsauce.com.

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