Free Beer queued up a crazy video from inside the cockpit of a small plane that crashes shortly after taking off. Zane, clearly a little apprehensive about watching, wanted to know if the video “started out terrible.” Hot Wings responded that “once they get into the air, it doesn’t take long.”

And it’s true.

Once the plane is off the ground, things go real bad real quick. We think the video is almost too remarkable to be true. Free Beer expressed doubt as well, saying that “at first, I thought it might be some kind of viral marketing.”

But according to news reports, the plane crash took place in Idaho and is indeed very much real. The report also uncovered a National Transportation Safety Bureau document that closely matches what is described in the information section of the YouTube video.

If you want to watch the whole video, it’s posted below.

*** WARNING – this video contains extremely graphic content. ***

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