Just this morning, I went online to check to see if I remembered correctly about whether a certain artist was supposed to come to Missoula this year and if that show was postponed or cancelled. I had a vague memory that the show was going to be at the Wilma, so I went to Logjam Presents' website to find out... and that's when it hit me that I hadn't been on the Logjam website in months.

And of course, I've had no reason to - there's been no concerts in Missoula since March, no tickets to buy. But I used to visit the Logjam site all the time, trying to keep up to date on every event in town and figuring out whether my budget allowed me to go to every show that looked remotely interesting.

It's been a while since we've had live music in town, but Logjam is looking to slowly change that - this week, they're trying out their first socially-distanced concert with the Missoula Jazz Collective, the first in a series of shows they're calling The Wilma Cabaret. And now, they've just announced that the popular local band The Lil Smokies will be part of that series too, with shows scheduled for two nights in October.

All tickets will be reserved seating and they're operating at a significantly reduced capacity, so if you're planning to go, I'd recommend getting your tickets ASAP. The two shows will be happening on Saturday, October 10th and Sunday, October 11th.

Will you be checking this out? You can purchase tickets right here.

80s Missoula Concert Ticket Stubs

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