Tonight, make sure you're down at the VFW for this one! Seattle's The Spittin' Cobras are hittin' up Missoula playing with locals P.D. Lear and Bird's Mile Home.  If you like dirty rock and roll with some screaming vocals right after getting some of that local Missoula music running through your ear holes go downtown to the VFW at 10pm tonight.  This is a 21+ show and its only $5!  Need some dirty 'ol beer with your dirty rock?  The VFW has some drink specials! $2 for Oly, Vitamin R, and Highlife... $2.50 for any domestic, and $3 micros!  ... Now that all MY needs are satisfied, I hope to see you down there!

Monday, October 29th
VFW 10pm | 21+ | $5
The Spittin' Cobras
Bird's Mile Home
P.D. Lear

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