People may say that attention spans are at an all-time low these days, but the person who edited this video back in 1992 might argue differently. We haven't counted the cuts or done any math (because, math), but the longest shot here can't be more than two seconds, tops. It's like being beat about the face with flannel shirts and Doc Martens -- and we're OK with that.

Flashy editing aside, today's throwback, taken from Soundgarden's 1992 home video, 'Motorvision,' is worth watching. Even on their worst day, Soundgarden have always been an amazing band. And this performance of their speedy track 'Jesus Christ Pose' is them at their finest -- Chris Cornell's piercing vocals wail across frenetic guitars and tribal drums.

And with this video, now seems like a good time to revisit some of Soundgarden's past glories. After a nearly two-year break since their last album, 'King Animal,' the band just released a single and announced a new box set of rarities.

We're glad they're back, to be sure.