It is getting closer to that time of year. Before you know it, the tourists will be flocking to every corner of Montana. Which makes it hard for people to find lodging during peak tourist season. But, there are some places that offer a little different experience than just a continental breakfast before checkout. With such a rich history, Montana is home to some very haunted hotels.

If you like to add a little spooky excitement to your next road trip across Big Sky country. Then maybe plan to spend the night at one of the following haunted hotels.

The Belton Chalet Near Glacier National Park

The Belton Chalet was built in 1910, and is truly a gorgeous spot for visitors to spend the night. But, don't plan on getting much sleep. As many guests have reported paranormal activity.

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In 2009, a horrified woman ran into the lobby and said that her husband had been showering when he turned around and saw a little girl standing right there in the shower. He and his wife packed up and left, his hair still wet. Since then, more people have come forward and admitted to seeing the little girl in the shower.

Lake McDonald Lodge

For anyone who has simply gone to Glacier National Park on a day trip, or just a drive up the Going to the Sun Road, than odds are you stopped at Lake McDonald lodge. This gorgeous Swiss chalet style hotel was built in 1913, and has 82 guest rooms. Of course the backdrop of this amazing hotel is Lake McDonald itself. But, it seems that some of the guests at Lake McDonald Lodge have never left.

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a woman dressed in old-fashioned clothing has been spotted by security guards and a night auditor many times looking out the lobby windows that open to the lakeside veranda. Many guests have heard the terrible, loud argument of a couple that isn't really there. And sometimes, late at night, guests and hotel employees will feel the unmistakable feeling of fingers running through their hair.

Chico Hot Springs

This popular destination is not only known for it's thermal pools. But, it is also gaining fame amongst paranormal tourists. Why? Well, mostly because of the Lady in White.

According to

She has been making appearances and has been scaring guests for quite some time now.  Two hotel security guards witnessed the Lady in White near the piano on the third floor. They could only see the upper part of the ghost’s body.  The guards were able to take a picture of the ghost. However, the photo only revealed a tiny white orb where the ghost was.

If you do find yourself checking in for a nights stay at Chico Hot Springs, ask to stay in room 349. Many of the reports of the Lady in White center around that particular room.

Obviously, Montana has far more haunted places to rest your travel weary bones. But, these 3 locations should be your best bet for experiencing things that your will never be able to explain.

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