We have all been there. It is 2 am and you are starving after a long night out on the town. You are desperately searching for comfort food and then a craving kicks in. Next thing you know, you are willing to travel to the ends of the earth to satisfy that craving. You know? Much like the plot of the "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" movie.

Years ago, our pal Leif from Walking Corpse Syndrome, had a craving for a proper tater tot casserole. He reached out to social media for suggestions on how to make the best tater tot casserole. He soon passed out, but when he woke the next day he had people battling over who had the best recipe.

That sparked the music/food festival we call TOTFEST. A festival that features live performances from 16 bands while celebrating all things TATER TOTS. This action packed "spud-tacular" is happening August 20th at The Dark Horse.

Check out Leif's cooking skills from last years TOTFEST. (NOTE: Rules and sign up locations have changed)

Do you have the best tater tot casserole recipe?

How to enter the TOTFEST Tater Tot Casserole Competition:

  • Stop by the 96.3 The Blaze Studio to pick up your official TOTFEST baking pan. (3250 South Reserve *above Western Montana Lighting*)
  • Assemble and cook casserole at home.
  • Refrigerate casserole (This is required. No last minute entries that have not been cooled)
  • Bring casserole to TOTFEST, August 20th at the Dark Horse.
  • Winners announced at approximately 9:15 PM at the show.

Not only do you have a shot at some great prizes. You will also be battling it out for supreme bragging rights as the BEST tater tot casserole in Montana.

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