Montana has a history of people going missing, and this may shed some light on why. 

Never Seen Again, a Paramount+ exclusive show, recently released an episode featuring a missing Montanan last seen in 2017. The show details the true lives of missing individuals and the interesting circumstances surrounding their disappearance. 

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The Montanan that will be featured is Ashley Loring Heavyrunner. Ashley has been missing since 2017 and was last seen in Browning, Montana. She is a member of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and was planning on going to the University of Montana. 

The episode looks at what could have happened to Ashley, exploring several theories. One of the main theories is that she is a victim of human trafficking, and that hits home for Montana. 

Native American women going missing in Montana isn't new, but it's still rampant in our state. There have been reports over several years of human trafficking, and there has been no resolution about how to prevent these disappearances. 

Ashley Loring Heavyrunner via
Ashley Loring Heavyrunner via

I watched the episode, and it's heartbreaking to see her family talk about her being missing. The show also talks to TV reporters on the case and U.S. Senator Jon Tester. This is a problem that runs deep in Montana. 

Will Montana ever solve this problem and will Ashley's family ever get the answers they deserve? Those are the questions that everyone has been asking for years. 

If you have any details, please contact the FBI.

You can watch Ashley's episode, currently on Paramount+

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