If you haven't heard the news, a government whistle-blower just announced under oath that UFOs and extraterrestrials are real. Something that many of us have known for some time now. There have been many UFO sightings in Montana, but I wouldn't call the "Men in Black" just yet.

I will never forget the day that I was camping out for "Star Wars: Episode III" tickets in Missoula. Some friends and I were throwing a fun little campsite party, when we suddenly ran out of "adult beverages." My friend Travis and I agreed to sit back and watch the campsite, as the others went to re-stock. Of course, the rest of the camping area was packed with Star Wars nerds wielding lightsabers, while we just held glow sticks for protection. Travis and I both looked up at the same time and saw what appeared to be a flying "V" in the sky, except it moved and cut like scissors as it passed over Reserve Street and disappeared over Snowbowl.

As you may expect, nobody believed us when they returned to the campsite. Why would they? We were at a Star Wars premiere. NERDS!

I do, however, believe our buddy Shawn Nomura. Shawn shared with us a story of an unexplained ball of lights in the skies over his home in Missoula. He said that there was no way to explain them, but they were definitely not lights from a plane or some other B.S. like a weather balloon. He said that he did his best to capture the lights with his phone, but the lights were moving sporadically across the sky. In the following clip, you will notice what appears to be multicolored flashing lights in the sky. The lights seem to blink in sequence and also change shape. It almost looks like a wedding DJ lost his lighting gear.

Granted it may seem to not be the best footage you have ever seen, but it does clearly show something strange in the skies.


There was another great video from a friend of ours that was taken back in 2012 over Billings. Our friend Michael shared with us about the time he witnessed strange orbs in the skies over Billings.

Michael reports

I heard a plane with a propeller and looked up and there was a round-ish silver object near it in my field of view but much higher up, I focused on it, thinking it might be a balloon or something, and watched it for about 5-6 minutes, it started jerking around a little bit which made me watch it even more closely, then I saw a plane flying almost right at it from the East, I looked at the plane and when I looked back the 'UFO' split into 4 parts and took on a different color, like a yellowish color. Then the 4 parts just flew around with each other, sometimes it looked like one was leading the others and they were like flying in formation or something.

A video surfaced online back in 2012 in Billings that oddly demonstrates exactly what Michael described he witnessed.

I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that there is a piece of me that is fascinated to hear the news this week. There is also a piece of me that is terrified to know that we are not alone. But there is a big piece of me that is happy to know that I am NOT CRAZY and what I personally witnessed is REAL.

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