Could we be seeing a future where, after a long day of exhaustive studying and essay-writing, college students might be able to unwind by taking a walk across campus and buying a beer? It looks like that might be the case at the University of Montana.

UM Plans to Open a New Store to Sell Beer and Wine

According to Montana Right Now, the university recently purchased a beer and wine license and has plans to open a new establishment that could sell alcohol to students. After the great success the University of Montana saw with the opening of their new beer garden at Washington-Grizzly Stadium last fall, this feels like the next logical step.

Of course, this kind of decision has sparked a debate about whether or not the university should move forward with this idea - some say it'll be beneficial for the social lives of students and create a new revenue stream for the college, others say it will enable students to more easily drink and drive or encourage partying. One proposed solution involves a quotes system - limiting the amount of drinks a single person can buy - much like most breweries in Missoula have.

I know when I was in college, I would have loved to have a place on campus that served beer... but we also had plenty of alternatives, so I wasn't exactly sweating that too much. And it should go without saying, but this establishment will only serve alcohol to students who are age 21 or over.

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