Got to give you a double dose of Vidiot videos today. The reason why, is because Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace) told me that Hoobastank covered the Ghostbusters theme. If you are just joining in on this weeks blogs, you are probably thinking "What the s#!t is this dude talking about?" Well if you missed my instudio chat with Adam you can hear it here. During our random conversation, we got on the subject of "where are they now?" and the band Hoobastank. He informed me that the band has kind of been "washed up" lately and doing different projects to get by. For example: covering the Ghostbusters. Adam thinks they remade the track for the upcoming release of "Ghostbusters 3". But, as I have blogged about previously, it sounds like the filming of movie may not happen. Part of me feels like they just made the cover to goof.

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