As the Griz prepare to take on the MSU Bobcats in the 111th "Brawl Of The Wild". We get ready to show Bozeman what "Griz Nation" is all about. Those who have ever been to Washington- Grizzly stadium on a cold fall day have heard the song "Cotton Eyed Joe". It is a Griz game staple. Right up there with Trooper- Raise A Little Hell and Guns and Roses- Welcome To The Jungle.

For today's featured video I present to you the music video for Rednex- Cotton Eye Joe. The video looks like what it would be like if the movies "Deliverance", Rob Zombies " Devil's Rejects" and "Step Up" had a baby. Take a bunch of white trash and put them in a barn with a hot redheaded chick and you got yourself a music video masterpiece.

My favorite part of the video is when the inbred drummer beats on the bass drum with a cow bone. The video is the definition of a "Hootenanny".

Go Griz!!!!