I was discussing this video on Tuesday in the beer garden during the A7X show. Part of the Kronos Customs crew and I were talking about the masks Hollywood Undead were rocking. We all agreed that the only bands that can truly pull off the "mask" gimmick in rock are Gwar and Slipknot. Hollywood Undead's mask remind me too much of "The Phantom Of The Opera". Even though we have seen members of Slipknot without their masks. Onstage, that is their image that they uphold.

In the video "Before I Forget", Slipknot plays it off like they are Wilson from Home Improvement. They rock out the entire song without letting the camera ever catch their mask-less faces. The song led to the band to receive the Grammy for "Best Metal Performance" back in 2006.

For those who have never seen Home Improvement. Here is a clip of what I mean when I reference "Wilson"

And NOW our feature presentation: