Volbeat frontman, Michael Poulsen, is currently on tour in support of their latest record, "Servant Of The Mind", but his new Death Metal project "ASINHELL" is waiting in the wings.

Most people waited out the pandemic, uncertain about the future. Not Michael Poulsen. As you will hear, he was given unmistakable signs that it was time to get back to his Death Metal roots. And that's exactly what he did.

On Tuesday, July 23rd Volbeat hit the stage in Missoula, Montana with his band Volbeat. A band that is no stranger to this small mountain town. We've got some of the most die-hard Volbeat fans around, including yours truly. What some might not know, is Michael is an old-school Death Metal Head. At a young age, he was melting faces in "Dominus".

Credit: Rockstar Radio
Credit: Rockstar Radio

As you will hear in the interview, this is a sound and style that he's always been wanting to return to. When you've become as big as Volbeat, it's hard to do anything else. While the pandemic might have been a curse to most of us, this was a blessing for Michael. It was time to get back into the garage with his friends.

He (Morten Hansen/ASINHELL drummer) asked 'Where are we going to rehearse'? I said 'right here where we are standing'. He said 'In my garage'!? ... Let's imagine we are 16-17 years old again. We didn't have money for expensive rehearsal rooms or anything we have now... And I turn it all to 11, no PA system just your drums and an amp and let's just do some riffing -Michael Poulsen on the beggining of ASINHELL

It didn't take long for the band to realize they were on to something special, and so did someone else that is a legend in the metal community, Mr. Brian Slagel of Metal Blade Records. Through many twists of fate ASINHELL will be releasing their debut album Impii Hora (Latin for ‘Ungodly Hour’) on September 29th.

We are still those stupid nerds who are just as nerdy about the metal as we were as youngsters. We still go out and try to find the great vinyls. We still have the love and desire for the great Death Metal music - Michael Poulsen

Take a listen to the full interview with Michael via The Rockstar Radio Show™ on 96.3 The Blaze below.



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