Montana isn't exactly a state full of homegrown A-list actors, musicians, or celebrities, but we've definitely put out some amazing high school athletes, and I've found a book that lists the best of the best.

I was recently talking sports with a buddy of mine when all of a sudden, you could see his face change from "normal" to "you have to see what I've got". He started telling me about this book he bought years ago that showcases every top athlete from every town and city in Montana dating all the way back to the early 1900s!

The book is called "Montana Greats: The Greatest Athletes from 264 Montana Communities"  written by Jeff Welch.

They even showcase some really big names that might not have been the top high school athlete but were either born or played in Montana sports. How about names like Phil Jackson, John Elway, or Francis Turley (the cowboy from the Musselshell that was said to have hit Muhammad Ali the hardest he'd ever been punched)?

Some notable High School athletes include:

Missoula: Dave Johnson

Dave was big-time in the world of track and field. A Bronze medal winner in the 1992 Olympics, Dave was also featured in Reebok Commercials

Havre: Marc Mariani

If you don't know this name, I can't help you. Marc made big waves as a walk-on for the UM Griz Football team and was later drafted into the NFL where he became an all-star return specialist and receiver

Drummond: Chase Reynolds

When you think about "hard-nosed Montana Football" Chase automatically comes to mind. From playing 8 man Football to the NFL, and breaking records left and right, Chase is another UM Grizzly that has made Montana proud.

This book doesn't just list the big towns or names, it's literally a top athlete list from nearly every town in Montana. Even towns that don't even exist anymore! It's a very cool trip back in Montana history and is perfect for any sports fan or Montana state enthusiast.

it's available for purchase HERE if you want to take a read for yourself.

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