Montana sure has been in the public eye over the last couple of years. There have been tons of movies and television shows filmed in Big Sky Country. Everything from western movies to the hit television drama "Yellowstone." Now, it looks like we may take a step out of the fiction section of stories and move into the non-fiction category. Montana is no stranger to true crime stories. Some are unmatched by other stories from around the country.

Dateline NBC is gearing up to air a new episode about the tragic death of Broadwater County Sheriff's Deputy and the apprehension of the extremists who murdered him.

In 2017, Broadwater County Sheriff Deputy, Mason Moore, was murdered near Three Forks. Shortly after his death, police caught up with the suspects near Anaconda. A high-speed chase developed on I-90 leading all the way to Rock Creek, which is nearby Missoula. The chase ended with one of the suspects getting killed in a shootout.

The suspects were father and son.

The 2-hour Dateline episode will take a look back at Llyod and Marshall Baruss, and how their path's eventually crossed with Deputy Moore. The believed extremists shared a checkered past that could explain the willingness to murder the Montana deputy in cold blood.

According to NBC Montana, they reached out to Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison, about the new episode.

We found the story fascinating as well as tragic and began digging into the past for clues that might explain what happened. It’s the portrait, by turns strange and sad and sometimes bizarre, of a would-be extremist, and the innocent victims he left in his wake.

The following is a sneak peek at "On a Dark, Deserted Highway."

The new episode of Dateline NBC airs tomorrow (Friday 2/9/2023) at 7 PM MTN.

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