Something is happening in the animal kingdom that we just can't wrap our minds around. It appears that creatures all over the world are turning to a life of crime. Making it nearly impossible for humans to go outside without getting robbed. No, they are not taking our wallets or our car keys. It appears that these bandits are stealing our clothing.

You may recall a viral video that surfaced back in 2020 showing a woman getting attacked by a giant bison. The 1-ton beast snagged her blue jeans with a horn and tore them off.

It all happened in Custer State Park, in South Dakota. Much like the "tourons" that flock to Yellowstone each year. These motorcycle enthusiasts don't seem to have a clue how to act around wild animals. Watch as this lady has zero common sense, and approaches an adult buffalo and calf. The spectators seem surprised when the wild animal suddenly attempts to gore the woman and catches its horns on the victim's jeans.

Thankfully, the woman survived with minor injuries. But, since the incident, the picture of a bison with blue jeans around its head has become an internet meme.

Fast forward to 2023 and a video has surfaced online showing a giant bull bison holding a Yellowstone tourist hostage in a public restroom. You can notice a man poking his head out of the bathroom as the bison stands guard. (NOTE: the child's commentary in the background as onlookers watch and wait for the hostage to be released.)

I can only imagine that this will be a memory that man will never forget. Being stuck in a public restroom on a sweltering summer day. Just waiting for a 3,000-pound animal to move.

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