My favorite food holiday is almost here. This Sunday is going to be the ultimate CHEAT DAY, after a month of attempting to behave with my diet. It is going to be a day filled with cheesy snacks, greasy finger foods and lots and lots of chicken wings. In fact, chicken wings are the most consumed foods on Super Bowl Sunday.

In fact, according to the National Chicken Council

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. One thing that hasn’t changed: America’s love for chicken wings. This is no more apparent than on Super Bowl weekend, when Americans will devour a record 1.42 billion wings while watching the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers battle for the Lombardi Trophy.

We have been attending the infamous "Wing Night" in Florence for over 4 years now. Each and every Tuesday we gather around the "carpet bar" for wings and trivia, hosted by yours truly. Flashback to 3 years ago, I was challenged by a listener to take on a different kind of wing challenge than we are used to. Instead of eating 8 Carolina reaper hot wings in under 3 minutes. I was challenged to a quantity eat off.

Nicholas, a long time Blaze listener, approached me with a dare. He was convinced that I could not eat 30 wings in 15 minutes. The rules were simple, instead of HOT, we split the amount with garlic parmesan sauce and classic buffalo sauce. I just so happened to be exceptionally hungry, and accepted the challenge. Turns out it was a lot easier than I thought. But, I narrowly lost by a matter of seconds.

Watch as I manage to stuff just over 3lbs of chicken wings down my throat as quickly as possible. It is both disgusting and an amazing showing of true athleticism, at the same time.

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