Growing up, it was one of the most recognizable sounds during summertime. I'm talking about the sound of an ice cream truck slowly making its way to your neighborhood. You could be in the middle of building the Taj Mahal of tree forts, and you would drop everything to run into the house and beg for money. "MOM! THE ICE CREAM TRUCK IS COMING! MOM! MOM! MOM!" Eventually "Mom" would kick you down some change from her purse, and off you went. You would sprint out of the door like an Olympic track and field star. Hoping that the slow-moving vehicle didn't already move on to another neighborhood. When you finally catch the truck, you are stuck trying to figure out what treat you would like. Do you try something new, or just go with what you always get?

But what is it that you always chose? What is the most popular ice cream truck treat in Montana? The folks at aimed to discover what the most popular treat in each state is.

According to the study, here is how they came up with the answer

To find out, we explored online search interest in frozen favorites. Using a list of 24 popular ice cream truck treats, we explored Google search trends over the last 12 months for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. We determined clear winners for the most popular treat in each state and overall, and how many states searched that treat the most. 

In the end, Montana's most popular treat just so happens to be one I can agree with. The most popular ice cream truck treat in Montana is the "Firecracker pop," or as I call it "the Bomb Pop." The multicolored red, white and blue popsicle has always and will always be one of my favorites. 7 other states, including DC, agree that the firecracker is the greatest.

See what other states choose when they catch the ice cream truck here.


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