It's the beauty of being an individual - we all like and dislike different things! What might make one person giggle with glee.....might make another person cringe. And we all have those phrases and sayings that we just can't stand. You know, those things that make us grit our teeth and smile through the pain when we hear somebody use them in conversation.

Sitting here at work right now makes me think of two examples. When something makes zero sense....and you ask why it's being done that way....and the answer is "well, that's just how we've always done it." That's enough to make you stare at someone and just shake your head. And the other one for me is when someone stops by your office or desk and says "do you have a second?" I think we both know this is probably going to be at least 5 minutes, if not 10.....but it definitely won't be a second.

We had a conversation about some of the phrases that you can't stand - and asked people to submit their favorites.....or would that be their least favorites? We had a ton of replies - over 1,000 responses in the comment section on Facebook.

Here's some examples of things that make people cringe when they hear them:

* When people talk about their kids as “littles”…ugh!

* When people call their children kiddos I absolutely can not stand it.

* It must have been their time. Never appropriate.

* “As long as he’s coming home to you, that’s all that matters”

* I hate when I can't find something and my girlfriend says "It's gotta be somewhere, it can't be nowhere." Really? I thought things always poofed out of existence.

* Suit instead of suite. Did you buy that bedroom Suit and I picture a bedroom in a suit.

* Long story short... it's never short when said.

* “Based off” instead of “based on”

* I often hear people ask “what was your name?” when it’s needed for checking in at a restaurant or an appointment. I reply with my name, but silently wonder why they don’t just ask “what’s your name” instead of adding in the “was.

* Sorry for your loss ! Although it is a courtesy that we all use at the time with fifty people saying it . It does become vague and mute.

* Can I be honest with you? I always assumed people were being honest and didn't need my permission

* "I could care less". Grates me every time because it makes no sense that way. It's couldn't, not could

* "I was today years old when I found out...."

* Sustainable living. I mean isn't that just living!?

* I'm laughing with you not at you. How can you be laughing with me when I am not laughing. It seriously bugs the crap out of me.

* Where are the garage “sells” this weekend.

* You’re good people, when only talking to one person.
Drives me insane and I’m wondering if there’s someone else that I don’t see. Lol

* "The long days of summer."
#1 All the days are 24 hours.
#2 The hours of daylight get shorter when summer starts.

* When people say their nose is “running like a siv”
Drives me $%@#! nuts.

* What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

* In meetings “what else guys?” Especially when it’s asked what feels like a thousand times.

* "It's not my job!" "They don't pay me enough to do that!" I mean seriously?!

* Can you unthaw this frozen item???

* Cut the light off. How in the hell do you cut the light off?

* "One for the books" what books? Where are these books?

* “What’s good?” Like how do I answer that? Everything’s good? Or nothings good? Some things are good?

* God only gives you what you can handle

* Yodda, yodda, yodda!!!

What are some other examples? What's something that somebody says to you and it immediately makes you want to interrupt them just to tell them how much it bugs you?

You can add more examples to our long list of Facebook replies HERE.

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