Montana has a drinking problem.

On average, Americans drink two and half gallons of alcohol a year, this according to the World Health Organization. Safe to say that the Big Sky Country is well beyond that limit as we were one of the only states to have not one, but two towns in the "Drunkest Cities" in the nation survey according to

10th Drunkest City: Wilmington, N.C.

Wilmington might be where Michael Jordan and Sugar Ray Leonard were born, but this North Carolina town is also the home of big time sauce sippers!

9th Drunkest City: San Francisco, Calif.

It's been so bad in SF that legislators had to tax a 7 cent per ounce fee to cover the cost of illnesses and accidents.

8th Drunkest City: Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Craziness abounds in this South Carolina town, including it's most recent Governor peacing out with his mistress, to even Alvin Green, it's not wonder the whole town is knocking back it's fair share.

7th Drunkest City: Bridgeport-Stamford, Conn.

It's a wealthy city, one of the richest in the nation. With all that money, you may as well celebrate. A lot!

6th Drunkest City: Milwaukee, Wis.

This town is cited year after year as the place with most binge drinking per capita. An award most I'm sure aren't exactly proud of..

5th Drunkest City: Bozeman, Mont.

Montana was one of the top five most alcohol consuming states according to a previous MainStreet ranking, and true to that fashion, the state can claim not one but two cities in the top five of this list as well.

4th Drunkest City: Butte-Silver Bow, Mont.

Part of the problem in Montana seems to be that many residents start binge drinking early. The state had one of the highest rates of high school binge drinking, as of 2007.

3rd Drunkest City: Fargo, N.D.

Makes no sense if you ask us.. North Dakota has the lowest unemployment and least amount of foreclosures in the nation! How can this be explained?

2nd Drunkest City: Kapaa, Hawaii

Another head scratcher. Most of the cities on the list are in colder climates, which explains why you'd want to drink indoors, but in Hawaii? Really? Supposedly, it's high in drug use, too.

The Drunkest City: Hilo, Hawaii

Like Kapaa, Hilo may not be a household name in the mainland U.S., but the residents in these two cities may be able to drink the rest of the country under the table, for better or worse.

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