Tomorrow is National Drink Beer Day (my favorite holiday, I celebrate it often), and one of the things I was most excited about when I moved from New York to Missoula is that it is home to a ton of different breweries and bars. As a result, it looks like Montana actually drinks more alcohol on a regular basis than most other states in the country.

In fact, we just missed the Top 5. Montana consumes about 3.11 gallons of ethanol per capita, placing it at number 6 in the US. The top five consists of New Hampshire in 1st place, followed by Washington DC, Delaware, Nevada, and North Dakota. I was surprised to see that my old home state of New York actually placed much lower than I would have thought, not even making it to the top half.

And the state that consumes the least amount of alcohol? Utah, coming in way lower than everyone else thanks to its drinking laws and heavy Mormon population. Did you expect Montana to rank so high?

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