What is the big deal with bacon? Why does everyone love bacon so much? Everywhere I look on social media someone is posting this or that about how great bacon is. Really? Do people really have nothing better going on in their lives that they have time to talk about bacon?

It’s not that I hate bacon, because I don’t. In fact I even eat it once or twice a year. However, I would never go so far as to post things like, “Eat bacon or die!” or possibly, “Bacon is life,” and other such nonsense as that.

Bacon can be tasty when used much like salt or pepper. Just a little goes a long way. Perhaps the reason I don’t care for it is because my husband usually cooks with it and when he does he uses it as the main part of the dish. I would much rather it was an accent to the dish than it be the only part of the dish I can taste.

I know I shouldn’t complain, because if he is cooking bacon then at least he’s cooking and I don’t have to. The other reason I don’t like bacon is because no matter where I’ve had it, its’ been under cooked. At least in my opinion it’s undercooked. I hate biting into the greasy grissel of slightly cooked bacon. If I eat bacon I want it to be just a shade under charred. I like the entire piece of bacon to be crunchy not just sections of it.

As I am writing this I have realized that I am becoming like those bacon lovers that make me crazy, for I too am posting about bacon. Somehow bacon has taken a hold of me because even I, someone who does not love bacon, has succumbed to its power.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.

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