Why Bacon?
What is the big deal with bacon? Why does everyone love bacon so much? Everywhere I look on social media someone is posting this or that about how great bacon is. Really? Do people really have nothing better going on in their lives that they have time to talk about bacon?
A Must Have For Any Survival Kit – Survival Bacon
THE END IS NEAR!!!! Better stock up on bacon! When you are prepping for the apocalypse, don't force yourself to endure the wasteland without delicious bacon. The company, HQ Issue, has released their own line of ready to eat bacon for emergencies.
Crockpot Potato Pig Soup Recipe
This soup is called potato pig, because I use either ham or bacon when I make this soup. All the boys in my family love both, but I definitely prefer ham. There is nothing quite like hot potato soup on a cold Montana day. It’s creamy and hearty. This is a super simple recipe. If you wanted to make i…
Buried In Bacon
Just when you think you've seen the world's supply of bacon used on Epic Meal Time, this happens....
Dog Torture! [VIDEO]
Maybe I'm just a little nuts, but I swear my dog is talking to me. He does'nt say words, but damn it he can use telepathy or something. He stares at me like he is staring into my soul and I know he is trying to tell me something. So I usually just talk to him and, depending on how f@#ked u…

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