I have been to a solid amount of concerts over the years. At each show, I always wonder why people insist on throwing things on stage. I can see how some people will throw something like a love note or a piece of lacy underwear on stage, in a desperate attempt to get the bands attention. But, is it really necessary to throw other things, like a SHOE? What are you hoping to accomplish by throwing your shoe? I can walk home "commando" or the ladies can still operate without an "over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder," but it is hard getting home with one shoe.

During my recent trip to Spokane to see one of my favorite punk bands, Pennywise, I witnessed someone get their shoe back after throwing it on stage. But, not without the band humiliating them publicly and filling it with beer.

Watch legendary punk guitarist, Fletcher, "SHOOT THE BOOT."

Why we don't throw our shoes on stage at concerts. @_pennywise #shoottheboot

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