Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the definition of "humblebragging," but we guarantee you have witnessed it all over your news feed. It's essentially someone who complains on Facebook or Twitter...but the truth is, they are really just attempting mask the fact that they are bragging.

Here is an example: "OMG, I hate it when guys cat call me when I'm walking down the street. So irritating."

This just in from a new study from are better off just bragging outright.

According to the study, people who scroll through their timeline and read obvious bragging, like, "People often stop me and say I look like a celebrity"...while others read humblebrags like "I am so irritated with people mistaking me for a celebrity."

They coupled that with the ratings of how much people "LIKED" the status update...and how much they really do look like a celebrity.

The conclusion? Someone who brags is MORE likable and more attractive. The theory? At least they come off as honest.

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