Montana is a great state for road trips. Not only is the scenery so amazing everywhere you look. But, each community you pass thru, regardless of size, has it's quirks. Take a place like Clearwater Junction for example. Nearly all of us have driven by the iconic "MTCow" on Highway 200. It is probably one of the most recognizable roadside landmarks in Montana. If fact, it even made an appearance in the 2018 blockbuster video game Far Cry 5.

Now, it seems the iconic cow has gone missing. We noticed the cow's disappearance during a recent visit to the Swan River Valley. It didn't strike us at first that the cow was gone. But, when we returned to Clearwater Junction, it dawned on us that it was nowhere to be found.

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In an effort to figure out where the cow may be, we did a little research. Nothing immediately pops up regarding the cow being stolen or removed. It did however get a makeover back in 2017.

According to, the design firm that remodeled the cow in 2017

This was a fairly straightforward project but it gives me so much local clout I’d be a fool not have it on here. I have no idea who made the Cow. If I had had total freedom I would have liked to have given him a hyper neon makeover or something weird but the Cow is essentially the Statue of Liberty of Western Montana and you must respect some traditions...

Did the cow simply need another makeover after only 4 years? We dug deeper and discovered that YES, that might be the case.

According to s recent post from May 13th 2021 on

the landmark bull at Clearwater Stop 'N Go was taken to Missoula's Town & Country Auto Body for a makeover. Once he is all spruced up and ready for photos again he will be returned for the summer.

No word on when the bull will return. But at least we know this iconic Montana landmark is being well taken care of.

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