Montanans are known for being a hearty bunch of people. We got to be in order to survive the harsh winters and scorching summers. Not to mention all the grizzly bears, wolves and mountain lions. It takes a tough person to truly be a Montanan. But not just tough strength, but tough mind. Being able to keep our cool in stressful situations. Being able to make split second decisions. And, somehow managing to do it all without spilling our beer.

I recently stumbled across some footage of an armed robbery that took place in Billings back in 2016. The scene was a bar, near downtown Billings. It appears it was just a regular night at the Tap Inn. You had your thirsty regulars, or as I call them, "Norm Chompski's." And you had the cute couple, on a date, enjoying adult beverages.


A car pull up outside the bar and out pours a group of masked men. These guys enter the bar brandishing weapons and demand the bartender give them money. You can see the bartender put his hands up in the typical armed robbery protocol. Then you can see the "Norm's" follow along and raise their hands in the air. But the couple? They seemed to be on another planet. As you can clearly see them making out during the entire armed robbery.

According to the description of the event from the Billings Gazette

The patrons who garnered the most attention sat in the foreground of the footage. The pair smooched and smiled, nose-to-nose, as the robbers moved around them. The video was picked up across the United States as well as abroad — media in New ZealandAustralia and England ran the video with short blurbs.

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