Alright Manson fans, here's your wet dream come true.

The Prize:

We will place your couch wherever the stage crew deems fit, either up front, side stage, wherever is appropriate. That's where you and your guest will be for the concert. After the show, you will take the couch home with you! (**Winner is responsible for transporting the couch away directly after the show.**)

What do we want from you? Send us your most Manson videos. Could be you describing your passion for Marilyn Manson, explaining why you need to meet Manson, showing us your Manson collection/memorabilia, doing Manson karaoke, whatever. Get weird, but don't hurt yourself, YOU'RE all stars now, in The Dope Show.

Submit your video via the "Message Us" feature on your Blaze app. Winner will be announced on Friday, July 19th.

Here's your rad, new couch from the rad peeps at Missoula's Ashley Homestore!

Ashley Furniture