The United States broke a record this year for Christmas shopping. In the shadow of a recession, Americans spent billions this year on people they don't even like on things those people probably won't even use. I was actually stoked this year to get new boxers and socks. I rely on Santa to hook me up with clean drawers every year.


According to the International Business Times:
"75 percent of Americans claimed to have lied at least once about liking a gift that they really did not like."

My Momma Mavis insists on buying me dress clothes that she knows I will never wear. I mean, come on! Who wears a "Salmon (a.k.a Pink) shirt". It is sad when I return it, to discover how much she actually spent on the "vomit-ish looking" clothing.

IBTimes also reports the : Top 5 most returned gifts
1) Clothing
It is so hard to buy clothing for people. Did you pick the right size, color, brand? 74 percent of respondents in a survey taken by said they returned clothing.

2) Home Items, Games, Toys
I will never forget the Christmas where I threw a fit because my parents bought me the wrong Nintendo game. Eleven percent of respondents told they would return items purchased for their home.

3) Beauty Items
Some times on Christmas, I will "bitch out" and resort to buying a s#!t load of bath and body products for the ladies in my family. Even though they won't admit it, they usually hate whatever I pick. Lets face it, I can't understand women. Let alone buy them "foo foo juice" that they actually like. Eight percent of respondents said beauty items and perfumes would be returned in the Pr poll.

4) Electronics
I got my Mom a Kindle this year and she supposedly loves it. Maybe! Although consumer electronics are usually a popular gift for Christmas, 5 percent said they would return electronics in the Pr survey.

5) Jewelry and Watches
I actually like getting a new watch every other Christmas or so. After a year or two, my watches starts smelling like an old gym sock. I like gifts that I would normally not buy, but that I need. But, it might not have been the best gift idea. Two percent said they would return jewelry and watches in the Pr poll.

No matter what you got for Christmas. Tell whoever gave it to you that you "LOVE IT" and when they ask you where it went. Just say "A gang of gypsies came in and threatened to sodomize your dog if you didnt give up all your "salmon" colored dress shirts. Works for me everytime.

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