Those of us that grew up in Montana and went to school, probably had a lot of similar experiences, no matter what part of the state you were from. Remember your field trips?

For me personally, I was a huge fan of field trips growing up. It didn't matter if it was for "educational purposes" because we still got a day off of class work, I was able to goof off with my friends at the back of the bus, and more times than not I was able to see some really cool stuff.  If you grew up in a Montana town like me, chances are your class went to at least one, or all of these places.

Lewis and Clark Caverns

Where else in the U.S. will your teacher take you into some super creepy caves? This was one of my favorites, because it was outdoors, and you got to hit up the beaver slide. FYI the caverns are open now if you want to reminisce.

Museum of The Rockies

Holy moly this was awesome. Almost every kid on the planet loves dinosaurs and we are lucky enough to live in an area where, at one point, there was plenty. As if that wasn't enough, they also have the planetarium that will rock your face off Pink Floyd fans.. wink*

Montana Ski/Snowboard Mountains

For me personally, I hated this one. I know, I know. It should be a crowd favorite but I hate snow and the cold. Alas, everyone else in Montana lives a good old-fashioned ski day no matter if it's a school trip, or you're skipping work.

The Capital Building

I'm pretty sure every Montana school within some sort of reasonable driving distance went to Helena for a tour of the capital building. As boring as it sounds, I remember it wasn't that bad. Looking up at the center dome reminded me of the Sistine Chapel.

The Berkley Pit

While at first it might not sound that great, especially if you aren't familiar with one of the biggest man-made holes on earth, but tell me a more Montana thing than gathering a giant hole in the earth that thousands of hard-working Montana's made with their blood, sweat, and tears? Speaking of hard-working, did you know the coolest job in Montana is located at the Berkley Pit?

Going to school in Montana wasn't so bad at all as I look back. Especially on field trip day. What other unique Montana destinations did your class visit?

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