Did you get a new air fryer from Santa? It was a popular Black Friday item this year. They're pretty awesome, aren't they? We finally jumped on the air fryer bandwagon last summer. I didn't think we would use it very often and that it would just take up counter space. I was wrong. It turned out to be a great purchase and we use ours constantly. The kids love it for heating up tater tots and chicken nuggets and I appreciate the convenience and slightly healthier cooking method the gadget offers for all kinds of foods.

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While you can cook just about anything in an air fryer, you should pay attention to cooking times. For example, if a package of frozen tater tots says to bake for 25 minutes in a regular oven, it will likely cook much quicker in the air fryer. Trial and error is kind of a must until you get cooking times dialed in. It's easy to accidentally overcook stuff.

Then there's this guy. A Twitter user who goes by the name Kendrick Lobstar, he describes himself as a "69-year-old father to a bunch of shit goth sons | leading food scientist."

Kevin thought it would be fun to cook a hot dog in his air fryer for 120 MINUTES. That's two hours, at 300 degrees F. His coverage of the experiment is pretty hilarious.

A single hot dog in an air fryer should be fully cooked in like five minutes. Kendrick cooked it approximately 24X longer than that. His wife was less happy with his little experiment, as a reported stench and smoke starting filling his house after about the 30-minute mark.

Eventually, the hot dog becomes completely unrecognizable and really disgusting looking. It appeared to turn into a chunk of nothing but stinky carbon in a rather phallic shape. Kendrick notes that he should have moved his air fryer outside before attempting this experiment, Tweeting,

6 hours has passed and there is still a faint hotdog smell throughout the house
Check out his thread to see the nasty burnt hot dog. H/T Morning Brew.

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