I’m kind of choosy when it comes to the sports I watch. I don’t like to waste my time watching endless hours of sports. I would much rather play them than watch. Even though I don’t watch a ton of sports, I still know a few famous, or once famous players. Recently Foot Locker created an ad that featured some once famous athletes that I found to be pretty funny.

The ad claims that their shoe sale makes all right with the world, and apparently everything being right with the world involved Dennis Rodman buying a one-way ticket to North Korea. This makes everyone in the airport, especially the ticket agent very happy. I thought if Rodman was going anywhere and never returning it would be to his home planet.

Another way the world is made right is by Mike Tyson apologizing to Evander Holyfield for biting his ear off. Oh, yes, and Tyson also generously returns the ear piece to Holyfield and they celebrate with a long embrace. It just gives you the warm fuzzies.

The Green Bay Packer’s Legend Brett Favre also gets in on the action. In the ad he just can’t seem to finish his piece of pie. The waitress inquires about the pie and Favre states that, “a man’s gotta know when to walk away.” The waitress can only agree with his statement. He makes for a great Monday morning quarterback, doesn’t he?

There is also some guy who is burning striped suits in his backyard. Apparently he is Craig Sager, a sideline sports reporter for cable TV networks TNT and TBS. He seemed to be burning them begrudgingly. I think he wanted to cry, but real men don’t cry. Ever. Especially not over striped suits.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.