Most people seem to find themselves doing stupid things when they are hammered. Once I thought it would be a good idea to buy a live lobster at 2 a.m. and make it a pet, that only lasted as long as it took me to realize that they need to be in water to survive. A Canadian man recently thought it would be a good idea to get drunk and swim to Detroit.

According to Daily Mail

A Canadian man drank eight beers before swimming across the Detroit river to the U.S. to win a bet with friends.

John Morillo, 47, triggered an international search and rescue effort when friends lost sight of him as he crossed the river on Monday night, with a helicopter and boats deployed from both Canada and the U.S. to scour the water for the intoxicated swimmer.

Mr Morillo, who was eventually picked up swimming on the Canadian side by the Coast Guard, has since said he is sorry for the 'really stupid' stunt - but is adamant he made it all the way to Detroit