Here in Missoula, we are very lucky to have many amazing rock and metal groups playing live shows. From the local live shows to headliners from around the world, every show I go to is filled with passionate and crazy fans. The Blaze is instrumental most times at bringing in world class acts, but it is because of you that we can do so!


I moved over from Butte and the hard rock and metal scene over there just feels different. For example, I had the chance to see Crossfade live in 2005 at The Wilma and to this day, it was one of the best shows I had ever been to. It was a smaller, intimate show and Ed Sloan, the lead singer was completely blown away.


We met him before the show and he told us that he didn't know they had a following in Montana. For the record, he was one of the coolest guys I had ever met. This is just one example of Missoula and Montana having amazing fans and we thank you for it! It makes every show that much more fun! And, being the new guy, I can't wait to talk to you guys on the air.


Here's some live footage of Crossfade to help you get through the nine feet of snow outside.