Pond Hockey is a big deal. We've got the Missoula tournament coming up Feb. 2-3 out at the Ranch Club. Last week I put a blog up highlighting the US Pond Hockey Championships in Minneapolis. Hockey in Minnesota is a big deal, but if you want an even more intense pond hockey excursion, might I suggest next year's Pavilion Cup in St. John, New Brunswick. Hockey. In Canada. That's like Batman in Gotham . . . home turf, a big deal. The rinks look like this:

photo: Facebook/Pavilion Cup

The town looks like this:

photo: Facebook/Discover St. John

If you go, you must hit up Big Tide Brewing. The owner is super cool, and he makes damn good beer. Hot wife and I had such a good time in St. John that we are hell bound and determined to live there someday. So, after you kick some ass in the Missoula Pond Hockey tourney, put St. John on your list of tournaments to make!