The words no Blaze listener ever wants to hear just before Easter, the keg has been found. Dave Boice, and his dog, will be drinkin' free beer for a year from Flathead Lake Brewing Company!

Where was the keg? It was sitting right next to a bench on the walk/bike trail just north of 3rd street, near the Charter cable building. We actually watched people walk, bike and skateboard right passed it when we stopped by to check on it.

Dave says that in the past, he has biked around Missoula in search of the Easter Keg. But this year, he was simply walking his dog when he spotted it. He didn't realize it was the keg and decided that if it were still there on his walk back by, that he would snag it for recycling. Dave was pleasantly surprised when he picked up the keg and found the congratulations note.

Thanks to all who searched, especially you Landon Gomez!

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