Draught Works is hookin' up free beer for a year to Mike Staley of Missoula! Mike found the keg under the highway 93 bridge near Lower Miller Creek road. He said once he got under the bridge, he was convinced a hobo was gonna' pop out at him.


What the clues meant:


Cavemen tanned their bottoms on the shores of this lake 13,000 years ago. (It's in Missoula)

Stay away from the gates of Hell. (Not hear Hellgate)

No need to discover the root of all evil. (Not south in the Bitterroot area)


If you're searching this area all you'll get is a snake bite. (Not in the Rattlesnake area)

If you're leaving town on a jet plane, don't search there, you'll go insane. (Not near the airport)

If you're on the path named after Magnum P.I.'s short sidekick, you'll come up short. (Not on Higgins Avenue/downtown)


You'll go round and round all day if you search among ponis with sticks. (Not near Caras Park/ The Carousel)

Back in the day, Missoulians buzzed near for a bowl of soup. (Near the old 4B's at Reserve and Highway 93)

Gamble your luck at this intersection. (There is a casino at the corner of Reserve and Highway 93)


Grizwold Vacation Destination (Near Wal-Mart, also known as Wallyworld)

Some people call him the space cowboy. (Steve Miller / Miller Creek)

Henry Ford knows the location. (Near the Bitterroot Motors Ford dealership)

Thanks for playin'! Up next, the 14th annual Mother's Day MILF Contest.

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