Christmas is celebrated all over the world. Not all Christmas traditions are like we are used to seeing. When you think of Christmas you usually think about the "holly jolly" fat man in a red suit. Other cultures view Saint Nick in other more twisted ways.  The origins of Santa come from pagen Germanic tribes that drew their inspiration for the fat old man from their #1 God "Odin". After Germany was Christianized the people just changed his name to Santa Claus or SinterKlaas. They used to describe Santa as riding around in a sleigh drawn by an 8 legged horse and instead of milk and cookies, the kids used to set out carrots and straw for the mutated horse to eat. Which is better than the Scandinavian depiction which had Santa riding a goat.

Either way traditions change from generation to generation and family to family. All over the world people celebrate the holiday in different ways. Check out for the top 5 creepiest Xmas traditions.

One of my favorite "off the wall" traditions is from the classic nicktoon  "Ren and Stimpy".... Merry Christmas Blazers or shall I say "Merry Gilden Yak Shaving Day"